General terms, liability and conditions of Service

1. A rental consists 8h from 9am until 5pm. For a early start, the bike can be given out the evening prior to the first rental day (after consultation). The handover (acceptance / return) will only take place personally between the landlord and tenant, never by third parties. If the bicycle is not returned by the end of the rental time/day or agreed time, we reserve the right to charge a additional total daily rental.

1.1. The rental prices valid at the time in question can be seen on our homepage and have been posted in our bike shop.

1.2. Extension of the rental is only possible by agreement with SunBikeTours.

1.3. The rental price and the subidiary payments shall be made in cash on site.

1.4. The Security Deposit can be paied in cash or by Credit Card.

1.5. Subletting is not permitted.

1.6. We only hire our bicycle against presentation of a personal Identity Card/Passport and a Security Deposit see pricelist. If the borrower has not yet turned 18, bicycles are only provided with the signature of a statutory representative or of an adult supervising person.

1.7. SunBikeTours shall not be liable for damage (personal injury & property damage) incurred by the borrower or third parties as a result of the use.


2. The tenant receives the bicycle in a technically flawless and clean condition, safe for use on road traffic. Defects shall be repoted without delay.

2.1. A test ride, settings on the bike as well as the check and functions ( gears, breaks etc.) were carried out with the tenant on site before the rental.

2.2. Normal cleaning is included in the rental price. If returned dirty above the standard extend , 10€ shall be charged for cleaning.

2.3. Respectful handling toward the rental goods is prerequisite.

2.4. The deposit will be refunded if the bike is returned in a proper, clean and compete condition.


3. Renting a Carbon Racingbike requires experience and proper handling is prerequisite! Damages (tires, scratches, paint bursting etc.) will be deducted from the security seposit. Carbon Frame damage between pedal arm and frame due to chain suck/jump will be charged at the replacement value plus downtime cost (usually 2 weeks), due immediately on site.

3.1. Experience in use of the click pedals and - shoes is presupposed and is exlusively at your own risk.

3.2. It is forbidden to cycle with the racingbikes (Carbon & Aluminum) on gravel or sandy roads/path, only to be used on paved roads.

3.3. Attaching framebags are not allowed on the racingbike (Carbon & Aluminum).

3.4. Unscrewing any parts of the bike into another position (e.g. Handlebar/Stem) is prohibited and only carried out by the hirer.

3.5. For safety reasons and the weight limit specified by the manufacturer as well as the built-in components such as wheels etc., the max. weigh of the Carbon Roadbike and Cyclist, incl. equipment such as bottles etc,, should not exceed 110kg, - Aluminum Racingbike 120kg). All other bikes 125kg incl. equipment, bike & cyclist.

3.6. Please clarify with the Hotel/Accommodation before your book, if there is a secure storage of the bike. For Racingbikes Aluminum or Carbon, it is the best to take it to the booked room. To store the bike on the balcony or terasse is not desirable because of the high salty humidity at night. Parking the bike with a lock in a underground garage or room accessible to everyone/puplic is forbidden. 

3.7. We "SunBikeTours" request that all cyclist tenants wear a helmet as protection against head injuries and comply with the provisions of the portuguese highway code.

3.8. The use sportive activity or participation and training with the bicycle shall be at your own risk.

3.9. Participation in competitions is not permitted.


4. Theft and damage to the bicycle and accesories are not insured and must be borne in full by the tenant to the landlord on site. The tenant accepts that in the event of damage to the bicyle or the accessories, a corresponding amount plus any downtime costs will be charged. In the event of a total wrote-off or loss, the tenant undertakes to pay the full replacement value of the rental items plus the resuling downtime costs (usually 2 weeks) on site.


5. Upon reservation of bicycles and accessories, a deposit/reservation of 50% of the total sum is due 4 days upon confirmation from SunBikeTours. The information on the transfer to our account will be sent to you upon reservation confirmation. If the reserved date is not fulfilled by the customer, then there will be no refund of the deposit paied back.

5.1. For cancallations up to 28 days or more prior to the reserved date, a 20% processing fee will be deducted from the total rental costs. Cansallations made less than 28 days prior to the reserved date, will not be refunded.


6. For a safe transportaition in the car, a spaceous trunk (at least a Stationwagon) must be present. The back seat need to be complete free and foldable. A nine seater Transporter is not suitable. 2 Bikes can not be transportet laying on top of each other! The Bicycle needs to be laying safe with the derailleur. Both wheels must remain mounted. This is the only way to maintain the correct gear setting and the rear derailleur, frame as well as the fork will stay without any transportaition damage.


7. No money will be reimbursed if the rental is cancelled, e.g. due to bad weather, illness, reluctance or for other reasons.


8. The landlord reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship prematurely and to demand return at anytime without reimbursement of the rental fee  if the bicycle is used improperly  or non-compliance with the general terms, liability and conditions of service.


9. If a technnical support is necessary in case of improper handling/use of the rental bike, 0,60€/km will be charged starting from Alvor.


10. SunBikeTours Terms and Conditions of Business shall apply exclussively.


11. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction for both parties (tenant & landlord) shall be Alvor/ Portimao, Portugal.