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Roadbike Carbon

Olmo Zerouno Carbon Shimano 2x11 Gear SunBikeTours Algarve

Our high quality carbon roadbikes        "Made in Italy" offers comfort and stability with excellent power transmission. The carbon fiber frame, made with the best technologies and high quality materials, the competitive bike for the most demanding athletes.

Please clarify with the Hotel/Accommodation before you book, if there is secure storage of the bikes. For Racing Bikes Aluminum or Carbon, it is the best to take them to the booked room. Currently known to us that offers no possibilites is:

  • Baia / Alvor
  • Cascade / Lagos


Roadbike Aluminum

Scott Rennrad Verleih SunBikeTours Algarve

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MTB Hardtail 27,5" / 29" renting, Algarve/Portugal
MTB Hardtail 27,5" / 29"
Youth MTB 24" renting, Algarve/Portugal
Youth MTB 24"

E-Bike Verleih SunBikeTours Algarve / Portugal
City-/ Trekkingbike renting, Algarve / Portugal
City-/ Trekkingbike
rent a Tandem at the Algarve / Portugal

Kidbike 20" renting, Algarve / Portugal
Kidbike 20"
Kidbike 16" renting, Algarve / Portugal
Kidbike 16"