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Wether a relaxed - or a Sporttour, from easy to challenging......

The gorgeous Algarve is an ideal starting point for unique and unforgettable discoveries. 




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Road Cycling  Tour Profile calculated with the  Fitness Level "In good Shape" by Komoot

1. Summit Tour (Foia) 94 km 

This tour goes  around the mountain Foja (902hm) and leads through old villages, eucalyptus and cork oak forests, in areas where the time seems to stay still. To the highest peak of the Algarve. There you can enjoy the gigantic view with coffee and delicios homemade cakes.

Claim: med.- strong / endurance required / frequently increase


9. Foia (1) 94km -SunBikeTours Algarve A
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2. Summit Tour (Foia) 88,9 km

 Shorter route with partly steep ascent.

This tour is part of the Grandfondo 2019 and takes you around the mountain, from behind you will  steeply climb  up to the highest point of the Algarve "Foia". 

Claim: strong / endurance required / frequently increase


10. Foia (2) 88,9 km - SunBikeTours Alga
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Arround Trip Foia/Picota  98 km

Expert Road Ride.

Come with us on a fascinating tour arround the two highest mountains in the Algarve. With some challenging climbs, we cycle into a  beautiful nature and unbelivable great views.

This diverse trip makes every athletes heart beat faster.

Claim:  strong / endurance required / frequently increase


11. Foia _ Picota 98km Roundtrip - SunBi
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West Coast Tour   111km

In this Tour we ride through the mountainous "Serra de Monchique" past cork-and pine forests on a high mountain road with magnificent views, directly to the west coast. 

There you can expect a breathtaking coastline, that can be admired during a nice break. This beauty of nature - you will not forget.

Claim: medium-strong / endurance required / frequently increase 


13. Westcoast Tour 111km-SunBikeTours Al
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Hills arround Odelouca  126km

Expert Road Ride.

If you love climbs, this is the trip for you!

This tour takes you to the eastern part of the "Serra de Monchique" with a clearly changing rocky and dry vegetated area.

Incredible calm and loneliness, as well as spectacular views are guaranteed.

This varied tour requires strong physical condition.

Claim: very strong / endurance required   / frequently increase  


16. Odelouca 126km - SunBikeTours Algarv
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Through the Selao Valley 106km

Expert Road Ride.

This tour leads into a beautiful valley, past lonely villages and a grandiose flora.

From great descents to challenging climbs, everything is there,

what the athlete's heart desires.

Claim:  strong / endurance required   / frequently increase

12. Selao Valley 106km - SunBikeTours Al
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Voyage of discovery   126km

Expert Road Ride.

This beautiful round trip leads us over the height crest 

of the "Serra de Monchique" with lots of fantastic view.

A change provides a little sight into the region "Alentejo", 

lots of fascinating nature and lonely villages, far away 

from the usual tourism.

A journey of discovery that will leave many impressions.

Claim: very strong / endurance required   / frequently increase  


15. Voyage 126km of discovery - SunBikeT
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Eastside Tour 114 km

Expert Road Ride.

This demanding round trip takes you to the eastern part of the Serra de Monchique.

You will cycle with a steep descent into a beautifully valley and a  steep ascent out. 

Subsequent over a fantastic mountain range with views of a picturesque landscape.

Just the right thing for the ambitious climber.

Claim: very strong / endurance required

14. East Side Tour 114km - SunBikeTours
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Through the Hills - into the Alentejo 159 Km

Expert Road Ride.

On this tour, which requires a lot of endurance, you will cycle into the "Alentejo" region, which is located north of the Serra de Monchique. It will take you through a wonderful landscape past lonely villages and farms. Typical regional cafes invite you to relax after a long stage.

A varied tour with steep climbs, long straights and beautiful mountain ridges.

The fit athlete who loves long rides, comes here to his full enjoyment.

Claim: very strong / endurance required

17. Alentejo 159 km - SunBikeTours Algar
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1. Serra de Monchique  78,9 Km

This beautiful route leads completely around the Mountain "Foia".

A short trip to a time for you alone on lonely roads. 

Lots of nature and gigantic views to enjoy.

Claim: medium / endurance required

6. Serra 78,9km de Monchique - SunBikeTo
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2. Serra de Monchique  88,6 Km

This route leads through a beautiful valley with a very steep ascent out of the valley where Condition and endurance are requires.

Claim: medium - strong / endurance required

7. Serra 88,6km de Monchique - SunBikeTo
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3. Serra de Monchique 112 Km

Expert Road Ride.

This Tour leads from the east to the west of the Serra de Monchique with some very steep climbs and beautiful 

descents to the Valley

Claim: strong / endurance required

8. Serra 112km de Monchique - SunBikeTo
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1. Bela Vista  73,4 km

Great roundtrip to the outback. From steep ascent to lowland, 

it covers everything for the sportsman.This tour takes you through the typical Portuguese Outback with all its impressions and fragrances and a 

soothing, almost unreal calmness.

73,4 km - Claim: medium 


3. Bela Vista (1) 73,4km -SunBikeTours A
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2. Bela Vista 81,7km

This route additionally leads through a beautiful valley with a great descent and steep climb.

Claim: med. - strong / endurance required 

4. Bella Vista (2)81,7Km-SunBikeTours Al
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Barragem Tour - approx. 74,1 km

Great tour into the outback with breathtaking views.

Challenging climbs and great runs for the ambitious driver. Passing by

the scent of eucalyptus trees, wild herbs and a beautifully situated lake

where the tranquility and beauty of nature invites to take a break.

Claim: medium / endurance required                


5. Baragem da Bravura 74,1km - SunBikeTo
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Barrocal Tour 58,2 km

This tour leads through the gentle hills below the Serra de Monchique. Past the stork breeding grounds, lemon / orange plantations and great cafes that invite you to take a leisurely break.

Claim: easy - medium



1. Barrocal Tour 58,2km - SunBikeTours A
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Small Roundtrip to the Hills 58,4 km

A very nice trip to get a tast of  the Serra de Monchique"

Very nice viewpoints and cafes on the way.

Claim: easy - medium

2. Small Rountrip to the Hills - SunBike
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